Python and PyInstaller — Introduction and Troubleshooting

  • Distributing your workflow to non-technical users
  • Obfuscating your code

Introduction to PyInstaller

pip install pyinstaller
pyinstaller [python_file]
pyinstaller [python_file] --onefile

PyInstaller Spec File

pyi-makespec [python_file]
  • Line 5: The filename of the Python script being compiled
  • Line 6: The directory of the Python script being compiled
  • Line 7–8: Additional binary and non-binary files. Binary files are often .dll files. You can try manually linking as mentioned above or link them here. Additional non-binary files can include pictures, database files, or others. If you get errors about missing files you should include them here.
  • Line 9: Additional imports that may be required by the compiler. Compiled software will require additional library imports compared to a non-compiled script (I will go over this later below). You should put the additional libraries here. The input is a list with each item in the list containing the name of the library as a string. For example: [‘numpy’, ‘rasterio’, ‘fiona’]
  • Line 10–11: If a library requires specific environmental variables they can be called upon here using a runtime hook. These are small scripts that manipulate the environment before your main script runs, effectively providing additional top-level code to your script. I often use them to manipulate the environment parameters using something like: os.environ[‘PARAM_NAME’] . There is more info later in this tutorial regarding this section.
pyinstaller your-spec-file.spec

Planning and Testing for PyInstaller

General test workflow

Troubleshooting the ModuleNotFoundError

cd "your/project/folder/here"
Output of PyInstaller while it is compiling our script
New files and folders in the project folder after compilation
cd "your/dist/folder"
ModuleNotFoundError when importing Rasterio. Traceback reveals rasterio._shim is missing
The missing import is highlighted in red
New line of code seen in line 3

Setting Environment Parameters with Runtime Hooks

Final Thoughts




Researcher working on geospatial sciences and general programming

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Panji Brotoisworo

Panji Brotoisworo

Researcher working on geospatial sciences and general programming

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