InSAR Validation Using Free GPS Data in Iceland

Worldwide network of GPS sites with free data
Location of the GPS station in south-western Iceland

GPS Ground Truth

Figure taken from the NYLA station page
Image showing full range of GPS data with reference date in 2017. Velocity is -4.51 mm per year.
Image showing filtered range of GPS date with reference date still in 2017.

Distributed Scatterer Interferometry (MintPy)

MintPy result showing Southern Peninsula in Iceland. GPS site is red triangle in the west.
MintPy SBAS output for NYLA station

Persistant Scatterer Interferometry (StaMPS)

StaMPS output on a webmap
StaMPS result

Comparing the Results

Links to the Software I used




Researcher working on geospatial sciences and general programming

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Panji Brotoisworo

Panji Brotoisworo

Researcher working on geospatial sciences and general programming

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