Easily Generate Timeseries Ready InSAR Data With ASF Vertex

InSAR phase image of the Dubai area

Getting the data

Ensure you have an account then you can do the following steps:

  1. Search for the data to get a scene ID from your AOI
Searching for Sentinel-1 data in Iceland
Selecting the reference for SBAS
Adding data to your On-Demand Queue
Download your timeseries-ready files!

That’s it!

ASF can process hundreds of GB of data in an hour or more depending on their servers. They process everything in parallel so even if you have hundreds of scenes it will all be done very quickly.

Velocity map of the Dubai area from March 2019 — June 2021
Timeseries data which is sampling an area in the Dubai Palm Islands
One of the phase images of the London area



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Panji Brotoisworo

Panji Brotoisworo

Researcher working on geospatial sciences and general programming